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We offer a powerful yet simple property management solution. On screen calendars are used for date input, list boxes are used for codes input. Command buttons are consistent, with self explanatory graphics, and easily recognizable. Complete reservation detail is maintained by the system so at any time the user can look at each and every modification that was made to the reservation. Deposit postings and transfers are simply a click of the mouse.

Have you been typing in reservation numbers or names to check in your guests? No more. All guests due to check in are displayed on the screen. The user simply clicks on the guest’s name, then clicks on check in. Two simple mouse clicks and your guests are checked in. Room charges are created with a simple mouse click, check out with out touching the keyboard. All reports can be generated without touching the keyboard. This saves time, training costs, and reduces user errors. Guest History is just a few clicks away. Bills for departing guests can be printed at night for express checkout. Transaction Detail tracking helps night auditors by providing flexible search methods. All transactions are tracked by who entered the transaction and the time of the transaction. Management reports make data crunching a snap.

Scanning documents at check in speeds up the check in process. Swipe the credit card and in just a few seconds, a guest can be checked in. Pre print foios for speedy check outs.

Check in with 2 mouse clicks
Check out with 4 mouse clicks
Easy Group Reporting
Easy viewing of transactions
Customizable registration forms
All transactions tracked by user name and time entered

Express check out pre-print bills
Email confirmation letters
Third party billing
Master bills

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