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Using hand held computers, the maintenance staff can be electronically alerted to work orders, track time spent electronically, and any associated costs can be entered at the time of the work. How do we do this? The front desk will enter any work orders into the computer when a guest calls. Maintenance simply taps the hand held computer, tablet, or smart phone when he begins and ends any task associated with the work order. Total time spent on each work order can then be calculated by the computer. Any parts used during the repair are entered at the time of the repair. This information will then be available to the Owner management system. Repairs expensed for each unit can be calculated automatically and included on each owner’s monthly statement. Administrative time for each work order can be reduced significantly.

In addition to unexpected repairs, The Maintenance department staff performs many preventative maintenance tasks on each unit. The staff will be electronically alerted to any preventative maintenance tasks that need to be performed. In addition, shop inventory can be tracked. A reorder report alerts the staff to any items which are low on inventory.

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